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Use discount code CPAC for $2 off your ticket to a Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF41)! Add Dave Made A Maze to your watch list. "The epic art design and ingenious sets provide a never-ending treat for the eyes” - Screen Anarchy. Hope to see you there!

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Artist Spotlight

A layered and acute sense of history is evident in the work of local visual artist Louis Burroughs. His large-scale paintings are vibrant, bold and colorful, but upon further inspection the works often give way to darker themes of slavery and unrest throughout African American history. “My paintings reference a history that dates back 500-600 years. It’s energy-infused work. I put the energy in the slaves in order to show their humanity without limits.”

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Upcoming Events

03/24/17 BAYarts Girls Night Out

03/30/17 Test Flight Week #2: Neither There, Nor Here AND I went down to the water and found myselfie there

03/30/17 Ekphrastacy: Artists Talk + Poets Respond

08/12/16 Walkabout Tremont

02/01/17 Pottery Classes for Children and Adults

02/02/17 Theatre Classes at Oberlin

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What is your biggest challenge as a working artist?

The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute
Use your creative skills in new contexts. See opportunities in the challenge. Solve problems and change the game. AEI considers your "business" a means for you to keep creating and sharing your work - earning a living as you do so.

When do you come up with the best ideas?