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Wise and deep the well

that fed the impossible dream.

How the garden blooms!

~Kathleen Cerveny

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Artist Spotlight

Visual artist, Darice Polo, is a calm force in the Cleveland arts and Puerto Rican communities. Quietly and diligently for the last several years, she has been building A Wise Latina Woman, her personal film essay. The piece focuses on her cultural history, as well as the story of the first Supreme Court Justice of Hispanic heritage, Sonia Sotomayor.

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Upcoming Events

12/15/17 2 Day Winter Intensive & Company Audition

12/28/17 3 day "Research and Development" Workshop with Raymond Bobgan

12/29/17 The Creative Center Training Institute for Artists and Administrators in Healthcare and Creative Aging 2018 - Deadline to sign up

11/03/17 Glitz & Glam: Highlights of the Ursuline College Historic Costume Study Collection

11/21/17 Festival of Trees

11/24/17 A Christmas Story

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What is your biggest challenge as a working artist?

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