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Artist Spotlight

Samuel McIntosh is a tall, quiet, studious young man, artist and educator, whom CPAC has been lucky enough to call colleague for the past year. But behind his soft-spoken demeanor and wire-rimmed glasses, Sam (or Sammy Mac) is a Popper, a Hip Hop dancer and choreographer, focusing on and mastering the art of Popping.

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Upcoming Events

04/29/17 Station Hope

04/29/17 All-Day Film and Darkroom Basics

04/30/17 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Workshop

08/12/16 Walkabout Tremont

02/01/17 Pottery Classes for Children and Adults

02/02/17 Theatre Classes at Oberlin

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What is your biggest challenge as a working artist?

The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute
Use your creative skills in new contexts. See opportunities in the challenge. Solve problems and change the game. AEI considers your "business" a means for you to keep creating and sharing your work - earning a living as you do so.

When do you come up with the best ideas?