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The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute online is now available for free! The best way to set yourself apart from the diverse population of creative professionals is through focus and strategy that complements your unparalleled creative talent.

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Artist Spotlight

An enormous industrial window pours light into Lauren Herzak-Bauman’s Screw Factory studio, casting shadows over quiet white forms, molds, bagged clay, dusty white tables and chairs. The same alabaster color and translucence found in her installation work, is noticeable in her space.

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Upcoming Events

10/01/16 Behind-the-Scenes: Speak the Speech

10/04/16 Legacy Writing: The Stories of Your Life

10/04/16 Fall for the Classics Concert Series

08/12/16 Walkabout Tremont

08/19/16 Financial Essentials for Small Businesses

08/25/16 Jimmy Kuehnle: Wiggle, Giggle, Jiggle

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The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute
Use your creative skills in new contexts. See opportunities in the challenge. Solve problems and change the game. AEI considers your "business" a means for you to keep creating and sharing your work - earning a living as you do so.

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