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Gordon Square Arts District (GSAD) is partnering with The Artist’s Trust to create an artist registry that will promote local artists and connect them with those interested in their work.

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Artist Spotlight

If you’ve seen a show at Cleveland Public Theatre, embarked on a theatric journey with Theater Ninjas, or seen the band Forager lately, you’ve likely encountered the work of Eric M.C. Gonzalez. Classically trained composer and cellist, Gonzalez is capable of transporting his audience to strange realms through unusual sonic experience, explicit narrative and sound design.

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Upcoming Events

08/26/17 Paint Your Own Rain Barrel

08/29/17 The Election for Mayor: A discussion about future of Cleveland (League of Women Voters)

08/30/17 A Candidate Forum for the Mayor of Cleveland (League of Women Voters)

08/03/17 Writing for Solo Performance w/ Dale Heinen

08/04/17 Arts in August

08/15/17 Freelance Writing: Crafting the Perfect Pitch

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What is your biggest challenge as a working artist?

The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute
Use your creative skills in new contexts. See opportunities in the challenge. Solve problems and change the game. AEI considers your "business" a means for you to keep creating and sharing your work - earning a living as you do so.

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