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How does arts and culture dispel stereotypes, fight stigmas and forge greater understanding? Let's talk on July 28. Bridging Divides, session 3 of the 2016 Creative Intersections series.

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Artist Spotlight

Ever heard of the glossy buckthorn also known as Rhamnus frangula? I hadn’t until researching some of Mimi Kato’s work. 
As an artist-in-residence at SPACES Gallery, Mimi Kato spent the summer of 2013 preparing for her installation at the gallery focusing on the runaway growth of the glossy buckthorn. The glossy buckthorn, or Rhamnus frangula, has been identified by the Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves as one of the 10 most invasive and difficult to control non-native plant species. 

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Upcoming Events

07/30/16 Marbling on Paper & Cloth workshop

07/30/16 Carousel Books workshop

07/30/16 Credo Festival Finale Concert

05/15/16 Heritage Tourism - Take a Hike

06/01/16 Inter|Urban: Art and Culture Connector

06/20/16 Summer Camps and Adult Classes Begin

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Do people ever ask to shadow you at work?

Issue 8: November 2015
Cleveland, with its Northeast Ohio neighbors, has an incredible community of creative professionals. From architects to dancers to music therapists, this region is home to individuals of outstanding quality paired with insurmountable heart. If you are interested in becoming more engaged with Northeast Ohio’s artist community you’ve come to the right place.
Guide to Developing Your Craft
As an artist you are constantly striving to improve and inform your craft and creative process. This section contains general suggestions and advice around developing your work as well as additional resources you can tap into locally and nationally.

When do you come up with the best ideas?