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strengthening, unifying and connecting greater Cleveland's arts and culture sector

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Guide to Getting Involved

Cleveland, with its Northeast Ohio neighbors, has an incredible community of creative professionals. From architects to dancers to music therapists, this region is home to individuals of outstanding quality paired with insurmountable heart. One of CPAC’s Creative Workforce Fellows, who has only recently begun his career in fiction, writes about Cleveland, “My town, it turns out, is a writer’s town. This is a place I can dig in, dedicate myself to the craft of language and story, [and] learn forever.” This statement holds true in any number of genres and art forms. We are here to help you find your place to “dig in” and be a part of something.

If you are interested in becoming more engaged with Northeast Ohio’s artist community you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re thinking about joining us in the artist belt, or are a lifelong Clevelander, there is always a way to become more deeply involved.

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